Kitchen Remodeling – Add Value to Your Home With a Well-Executed Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Tacoma WA is one of the most effective ways to add value to your home. Many homebuyers consider a well-executed kitchen upgrade a primary deciding factor when buying a house. Space is essential, especially if there is more than one person using the kitchen simultaneously. During the design process, kitchen remodelers can help open up rooms and create options for additional storage solutions like:


kitchen remodelingThe cabinetry is the backbone of your kitchen, and its shape, size, color, and layout are major design components that will affect how well you can work in the space. It’s a good idea to consult a professional designer before making any significant changes to your kitchen cabinetry. Even though many layout programs will allow you to draft your blueprints, it’s often more efficient to work with in-house designers who have access to cabinet companies’ software, exact dimensions, and model numbers and can foresee and resolve potential fit or installation problems before the cabinets are ordered.

Cabinets come in two basic types: face-frame and frameless. Face-frame cabinets consist of a six-sided wooden box or carcass closed on five sides, with doors and drawers attached to the sixth side. Cabinet carcasses are usually made of plywood or high-quality particle board. Plywood provides a stiffer base, and it is less likely to warp over time. Particle board is also a suitable choice, particularly for flat sections where the cabinets will not be exposed to moisture.

Some homeowners choose to install drawers instead of traditional cabinets. This can make items more accessible and eliminate the need to stoop down to reach them, especially in upper cabinets. However, there are drawbacks to installing this type of storage solution. In general, there is less storage room with drawers. In addition, it can be difficult to find things within drawers that have been pushed in and out several times.

Other options include the use of a lazy susan in corner cabinets to maximize storage space. This mechanism fits into the corner and allows you to spin a hidden disc that makes all items stored in the cabinet appear in front of you when the cabinet door is opened. There is also a product called a magic corner, which is installed in blind corner cabinets and is similar to a lazy susan but is easier to maneuver.

If your cabinets are in good condition, replacing the cabinet doors is a cost-effective way to give your kitchen a new look. You can purchase replacement cabinet doors from a hardware store or have a carpenter custom-make them. A coat of fresh paint is another simple and inexpensive update that can change the look of your kitchen. Currently, white is the most popular cabinet color, but warm hues and greens are also popular choices. You can even have your cabinet doors painted or stained in a two-toned look.


The countertops you choose will affect the look and functionality of your kitchen. This makes them one of the most important kitchen remodel considerations, so taking the time to find a design you love will ensure your kitchen remodeling project is a success.

A wide variety of materials are available for kitchen countertops, from natural stone to composites to wood. Each has its own unique characteristics, and each offers different benefits to the homeowner. Some are more durable than others, while some are easier to clean. Some are more budget friendly, while others can be a significant investment. It’s important to understand the options and to make sure your countertop will work with your cabinets, flooring, and overall kitchen style.

Granite remains a popular choice for kitchen countertops. It has a rich color palette and dramatic designs that can create an elegant focal point for your kitchen. It’s also very durable, able to withstand heat and moisture. However, it is more porous than other natural stones and will require more regular maintenance.

Another option is quartz composite, which has a similar appearance to marble but is more resistant to stains. It’s also a more budget friendly solution, making it an excellent alternative for homeowners who are on a tighter budget.

Wood counters are a stylish, rustic option that can provide warmth to any kitchen. They’re also durable enough for hard-working spaces, but they’ll need to be treated with a food-safe oil to keep them sanitary and protect against cuts.

Concrete is another budget-friendly counter option that can be colored with a coating of decorative resin to match the overall kitchen color scheme. It’s also durable, and it can add an industrial aesthetic to the room.


Your kitchen flooring is one of the most important elements in your remodel. It must stand up to traffic, be comfortable for standing and be beautiful. There are many options to choose from. Some floors look like tile or wood, while others are a composite material that uses chips of marble, quartz and glass with cement and resin. This type of floor is becoming popular because it is durable and offers a wide variety of color and texture options.

The color and style of your kitchen flooring can affect the whole room. A light-colored floor can make a small space feel larger, while a darker-colored floor can create a warm and cozy atmosphere. A patterned floor adds interest and a pop of color to the room. It can also work well with neutral or gray walls. For a timeless design, you can use large flagstone tiles that offer a natural and neutral appearance. Flagstones are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a flexible option for any style of kitchen.

Another way to update your flooring is to install a porcelain tile that mimics the look of wood. Porcelain tile is stain-resistant and water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for the kitchen. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes and textures, and it can be combined with wood flooring transitions to create a more cohesive look. For a more modern kitchen, you can try a gray limestone floor. The varying shades of grey create a warm and inviting floor that complements any kitchen.

You can also choose a concrete or cork floor. These floors are eco-friendly and durable, and they can be stained or etched to create a unique surface. They are also easy to clean and provide a good sound barrier. Cork is also soft underfoot, which makes it an excellent choice for busy families. Another great option for the kitchen is a hexagon tile floor. The textured hexagon pattern adds visual interest to the room, and it works well with both traditional and modern styles of kitchens.


Appliances are the kitchen workhorses and can make or break the overall design and functionality of your new space. At a minimum, you’ll need an oven and stove, refrigerator and freezer, dishwasher, and microwave. You may also want to consider adding a warming drawer, wine cooler, or ice machine for convenience.

During the design process, it’s important to decide on what features you want and need from your appliances. For example, do you want a built-in microwave or under-counter fridge? If so, you’ll need to know the dimensions of these items to ensure they fit in the space. You should also consider the overall style and décor of your kitchen as you choose your appliances.

While you’re determining the overall layout and design of your new kitchen, it’s helpful to visit home renovation stores or kitchen showrooms. Take notes of the layouts, designs, and appliances that catch your eye. This can help you narrow down your choices and decide on a budget.

If your budget is tight and you’re unsure if you can afford a full remodel, don’t give up on the idea altogether. Many homeowners are surprised to find that the cost of a kitchen facelift is less than they expect, and it can add significant value to their homes.

The key to a successful kitchen remodel is planning. By creating a design plan and establishing a budget early on, you can streamline the process and avoid costly splurges. It’s also helpful to include your family in the process so everyone knows what they can and cannot afford.

A remodel can be a stressful time, especially when it means living without a functional kitchen for several months or more. However, by making smart choices in the beginning and working with a qualified kitchen contractor, you can ensure that your remodel will be a success.

A kitchen remodel is a great way to improve the look and feel of your home. It can also increase the resale value and enhance your quality of life. With a little forethought and planning, you can create the kitchen of your dreams and enjoy a positive ROI for years to come.